D247-125 Miniature Circuit Breaker

D247-125 Miniature Circuit Breaker


DZ47-125 Miniature circuit breaker is used for AC 50/60Hz single pole 240V, 2,3,4 poles 415V for overload and short circuit protection. It can be used in lighting and electric motor distribution system. Meantime, it is applicable to an unfrequent switch over the electric

apparatus and lighting circuit under normal condition. The products comply with IEC60898.

Technical Specification

Model: DZ47-125 2P
Breaking capacity: 7.5KA
Number of poles: 2P
Trip unit rated current: 80A; 100A; 125A(Optional)
Rated voltage: 400V
Leakage current: 30mA
Contact material: Copper-based alloy
Leakage action time: = 0.1S
Current shell frame: 125 (A)
Tripping method: Overcurrent release
Protection type: Leakage, overload, short circuit protection
Application scenario: Terminal power distribution
Wiring method: Front wiring
3C rated voltage range: AC rated voltage 1500V and below
Structure type: Plastic case circuit breaker
Arc extinguishing medium: air type

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