Power Distribution

Discover our advanced power distribution solutions that ensure efficient and reliable distribution of electrical energy. From high-quality circuit breakers to distribution boards and transformers, we provide the necessary components to create robust and safe electrical networks.

Industrial Control

Enhance your industrial operations with our state-of-the-art industrial control systems. Our range includes contactors, motor starters and other control devices, enabling precise and seamless control over your machinery and processes.


From VSD’s, HMI’s to PLC’s and Soft Starters, we offer innovative solutions to optimize efficiency, productivity, and safety across various industries.

Renewable Energy

Embrace a sustainable future with our renewable energy solutions. Explore our range of solar products designed to harness clean and renewable sources of power. Join the green revolution and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Switches and Sockets

Supplied and distributed in South Africa for over a decade. Locally designed and engineered in collaboration with local contractors and property developers. Our wide selection includes a variety of designs, styles, and functionalities, ensuring safety, convenience, and aesthetic appeal for both residential and commercial applications.

Distribution Boxes and Accessories

Efficiently manage electrical connections with our distribution boxes and accessories. From enclosures and cable management solutions to circuit protection devices and cable connectors, we provide a comprehensive range of products to optimize your electrical installations.