HGL Isolating Switch

HGL Isolating Switch


The products are suitable for making and breaking power turn-circuit of voltage 415V, frequency 50/60Hz, rated current up to 1600A, acting as power switch, isolating switch and emergency switch. Because of special system of arc-contact and main-contact, HGL operates with high efficiency, safety and reliability, complying with IEC60947-3.Rotational operation and direct mechanical connection between handle and moving contact, on-off handle makes contact break and indicating place of contact. Panel and independent type installation are fitted with HGL.

Technical Specification

Conventional Heat Current Ith(A)16025040063010001250160025003200
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui800V1000V
Dielectric Strength3000V3500V
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage8kA12kA
Rated Working VoltageAC400,660V
Rated Frequency50Hz
Utilization categoryAC-21,22,23
Rated Working Current le(A)AC400VAC-2116025040063010001250160025003200
Rated Making Capacity(A Rms)10le
Rated Breaking Capacity(A Rms)8le
Rated Short-circuit Making Capacity lcm(kA Rms)1217304070100
1S short-time withstand current(A Rms)101220255070
Mechanical Life(times)5000300020001000
Electric Life(times)1000600300/

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