HGLD Double Power Automatic Changeover Switch

HGLD Double Power Automatic Changeover Switch


HGLD series Double power automatic changeover switch is suitable in electrical system with AC 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 1000V, rated voltage up to 400V, conventional heat current up to 3200A. The items are widely used in varieties of hospital, building, bank, airport, coal mine, telecom, freeway, military installations and so on.

Technical Specification

Frame current grade(A)100160250400630100012501600200025003200
Rated insulation voltage(V)8001000
Dielectric strength(KV)22.2
Ratedimpulse withstand voltage(KV)8
Utilization CategoryAC-33iB
Rated Short-time WithstandCurrent(KA)10123032
Rated Short-circuit MakingCapacity(KA)1763
Operating torque(N.m)121926395080
Dissipation of Energy(W)Start300325335440600
Transfer Timer(s)≤1T1~T4:0~255≤1.5
Mechanical Life(times)60030002000

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