Modular Digital Voltage & Current Protector

Modular Digital Voltage & Current Protector


TDP2 Voltage Protector, a new generation of home appliance protectors, is suitable for houses, hotels, buildings, school dormitories, etc, to protect the electrical safety of appliances and other loads, to prevent damage to the load caused by too high or too low mains power.

Technical Specification

Rated Working Voltage220V220V/380V
Operation Voltage RangeAC80V-400V(Single Phase)AC140V-500V(Three Phase)
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Rated Working Current40A/63A63A
Over-voltage Protection ValueAC230V-AC300VAC390V-AC500V
Under-voltage Protection ValueAC140V-AC210VAC140V-AC370V
Voltage Power Off Time1-400s
Overcurrent Protection Value1-40A/1-63A1-63A
Overcurrent Power Off Time1-30s1-30s
Recover time (Starting Delay Time)1-400s/1-30s1-400s
Own Power Consumption≤1.5W
Motor Mechanical Life≥100,000 Times
Relative Humidity45-90%RH

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