TSM2 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

TSM2 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker


TSM2 series of moulded case circuit breaker is supplied with rated insulation voltage 800V

and used for circuit of AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage AC 400V or below rated operating current up to 1600A for infrequent changing over and starting of the motors. Equipped with

the protection devices for over-current, short circuit and under voltage, the product is

capable of preventing damage of circuits and supply units. The products comply with


Technical Specification

ModelRatedcurrent(A)Number ofPolesRatedInsula-tingVoltage(V)ArcingDistance(mm)UltimateshortCircuitBreakingCapacity(KA)ServiceShortCircuitBreakingCapacity(KA)OperationPerfor-mance
TSM2-63L10. ≦50)251815008500
TSM2-63M0( ≦50)5022
TSM2-125L16,,12510000( ≦50)3522
TSM2-125M0( ≦50)5035
TSM2-125H0( ≦50)6550
TSM2-225L100,125160,180.200,225 ≦80352210007000
TSM2-225M ≦805035
TSM2-225H ≦807050
TSM2-400L225.250315,350400 ≦100502510004000
TSM2-400M ≦1006532.5
TSM2-630L400630 ≦1005025
TSM2-630H ≦10010050
TSM2-800M630.7008003 ≦1007537.55002500

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