TSM8 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

TSM8 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker


TSMQ6 Double power automatic changeover switch is suitable in terminal type double-circuit power supply system with 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage 220V(2P), 380V(3P, 4P), rated current 10A~63A. Automatic switching between common power supply and standby power supply can be completed to prove the reliability of power supply. The item are widely used in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, fire

pumps, smoke elimination fans, elevators, life pumps, emergency lighting and so on.


TSM8 dual rotary contact structure and the energy release system ensures stable and reliable protection, and has excellent current-limiting characteristics. Transparent aluminum cover protects your trip unit from settings, rotary handle, motor operation mechanism, etc,

can be installed.


Working environment

The altitude belows 2000m;

Circuit breaker can be used between -25°C and +70°C. For temperatures higher than 40°C

(65 C for circuit breakers used to protect motor feeders). devices must be derated;

It can withstand the impact from humid air, salt spray, oil mist and mould;

It should be installed in places with no danger of explosion, no conductive dust, and no substance enough to corrode metal or damage the insulation;

In places with no rain and snow erosion;

Pollution degree 3;

Installation category Ill.

MIC 2.3 electronic trip unit for TSMS-400~630


Settings are made using the adjustment dials with fine adjustment possibilities. Overload protection: long time protection(lr)

Inverse time protection against overloads with an adjustable current pick-up reducing a dial and a non-adjustable time delay. Short-circuit protection: Short-time protection with fixed time delay(lsd)

Protection with an adjustable pick-up lsd.

Tripping takes place after a very short delay used to allow discrimination with the downstream device. Short circuit instantaneous protection:(li)

Instantaneous short-circuit protection with a fixed pick-up.

MIC 5.0 electronic trip unit for TSMS-800-1600


Protection thresholds and delays are set using the adjustment dials. Offer standard long time delay setting module.

Overload protection

True rms long-time protection.

Thermal memory: thermal image before and after tripping.

Short-circuit protection

Short-time(rms) and instantaneous protection. Selection of It type(ON or OFF) for short-time delay. Neutral protection

On 3-pole circuit breakers, neutral protection is not possible.

On 4-pole circuit breakers, neutral protection may be set using a three-position switch: neutral unprotected (4P 3d), neutral protection at 0.5Ir (4P 3d +N/2) or neutral protection at Ir (4P 4d).


Overload indication by alarm LED on the front; the LED goes on when the current exceeds the long-time trip threshold.


A mini test kit or a portable test kit may be connected to the test connector on the front to check circuit-breaker operation after installing the trip unit or accessories.

Technical Specification

Rated insulation voltage(V)Ui800
Rated impulse withstand voltage(kV)Uimp8
Rated operational voltage(V)UeAC50/60Hz,690V
Utilization categoryA
ControlManualwith toggle / with direct or extended rotary handle
ConnectionsFixedffrontconnections / rear connections
Plug-infront connections

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