TSP7 Surger Protector

TSP7 Surger Protector


AC surge protectors, or transient voltage suppressors, are vital for protecting electronic equipment from voltage spikes caused by various factors. They reroute these surges to the ground, preventing damage to sensitive electronics such as computers, servers, and medical devices.

Technical Specification

SPD according to EN61643-11Type 2/Class II/T2
Max.continuous Operating Voltage (a.c.) (Uc)150V 280V 320V 385V 440V 600V280V/255V385V/255V
Nominal discharge current (8/20us) (In)20kA20kA/20kA
Max.discharge Current (8/20us) (lmax)40kA40kA/40kA
Total lighting Current (8/20us) L1/N-PE (lmax) I total40kA80kA120kA160kA/
Voltage Protection Level (Up)≤1.0kV ≤1.3kV ≤1.4kV ≤1.8kV ≤2.2kV ≤2.5kV≤1.3kV/≤1.5kV≤1.6kV/≤1.5kV
Response time (tA)25ns25/100ns
Operating temperature range(T u)-40℃……+80℃
Operating State  / Fault IndicationGreen:normal Red:invalid/

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