BIR Impulse Relay

BIR Impulse Relay


Closing of the impulse relay pole(s) is triggered by an impulse on the coil.

Having two stable mechanical positions, the pole(s) will be opened by the next impulse.

Each impulse received by the coil reverses the position of the pole(s).

Can be controlled by an unlimited number of pushbuttons.

Zero energy consumption.

Technical Specification

Dissipated Power1,2P:19VA (during the impulse)
llluminated PB ControlMax.current 3 mA(if>use an ATLz)
Operating ThresholdMin.85%of Un
Duration Of The Control Order50 msto 1 s(200ms recommended)
Response Time50ms
VoltageRated(Ue) 1P,2P24.…250VAC
Maximum Operations5times/m
Maximum Switching Operation100times/d
Insulation Voltage(Ui)440VAC
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp)6kV
Electrical Life200,000cycles(AC21)
Overvoltage CategoryIV

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