We are proudly associated with Safehouse

News The Safehouse mark is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to the highest electrical safety standards. As a Safehouse member, we adhere to rigorous criteria, including random product testing, self-regulation, and uncompromising safety standards. By proudly displaying the Safehouse mark, we demonstrate our dedication to protecting people and upholding the integrity of the electrical […]

We proudly represent a number of leading brands in the electrical industry

Catalogues Home Cataloques We proudly represent a number of leading brands in the electrical industry. Industry-leading names such as ABB, TOSUNlux, Horizon, Stone Stamcor and Uniclamp ensure that we provide you with premium choices for your electrical requirements. Visit www.cedsa.co.za for more information Share: More Posts Send Us A Message

Discover our extensive range products

News Discover our extensive range of low-voltage electrical products and solutions, including power distribution, industrial control, automation, renewable energy, distribution boxes and switches and sockets. Our products are designed to enhance efficiency, safety and sustainability. Share: More Posts Send Us A Message

Join the renewable revolution

News Join the renewable revolution. We are pleased to unveil TOSUNlux’s latest offering – a collection of pre-wired AC and DC combiners, for the renewable energy sector. Simplifying installations and streamlining operations, TOSUNlux’s pre-wired combiners are engineered for optimal efficiency. From residential applications to expansive commercial endeavors, our products cater to a diverse array of […]